We’re honored that so many highly regarded professionals refer their patients to Minnesota Vision Therapy Center for treatment.

These professionals are truly a lifeline for the families we serve.

Professional Referral Sources


Optometrists are often the first to identify symptoms of a functional vision problem.  However, many eye doctors do not screen or ask patients about the symptoms of a functional vision problem, so we hold those who do in very high regard.  Too often their patients have seen several eye care professionals who did not look for functional vision problems and did not refer them to get help.

Eye doctors often get patients for life just by recognizing and referring for possible functional vision problems and they become a hero to their patients.

Teachers & Educators

When it comes to functional vision problems, teachers are on the front lines.  They are absolutely essential to identifying children who can benefit from vision therapy.

And our patients always remember the teacher who changed their lives forever with a referral.

Occupational Therapists & Physical Therapists

The signs, symptoms, and treatment for functional visual problems often overlap with those of patients in Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT).  In fact, because vision is the dominant sense and overrides all other sensory input, therapists often have trouble moving ahead with their programs if the visual system is giving the patient the wrong information.

Some OTs and PTs may assume there is nothing else they can do for the patient, but others realize that functional vision problems are causing roadblocks.  Once they refer to us to have those problems treated, OTs and PTs may find that they can move forward with their program and get even better results once the functional vision problems are resolved.

Psychologists & Neuropsychologists

When children and adults suffer from learning or emotional problems, they are often referred to psychologists for evaluation.  Psychologists who recognize the symptoms of functional vision problems can refer their patients for evaluation and treatment to alleviate the anxiety, anger, and frustration experienced when the visual system is the problem.

Neuropsychologists are uniquely positioned to be heroes to their patients since their testing usually screens for visual processing and visual-spatial problems.  We applaud the professionals who can look outside the box, identifying and making referrals for functional vision problems.