Developmental Chart for Children's Vision

Each child’s visual readiness for school begins developing at birth.

Every visual experience is a part of the development that prepares your child for the visual load of the classroom and everyday life.  Developmental optometrists have prepared this chart for infants and toddlers.  All of the age expectations given are approximate.  Lags of a week or so are not unusual, but any definite delay or omissions should be given every necessary attention.

Visual skill displayed Approximate Age
Stares at surroundings when awake 0-6 weeks
Momentarily holds gaze on a bright light or a bright object 0-6 weeks
Blinks at a camera flash 0-6 weeks
Eyes and head move together 0-6 weeks
One eye may seem to turn in or out at times for a few seconds 0-6 weeks
Eyes begin to move more widely with less head movement 8-12 weeks
Eyes begin to follow moving objects and people 8-12 weeks
Watches parent’s face when being talked to 10-12 weeks
Begins to watch own hands 12-16 weeks
Eyes move in active inspection of surroundings 18-24 weeks
While sitting, child looks at hands, food, bottle 18-24 weeks
Looks for and watches more distant objects 20-28 weeks
Looks for dropped toys 28-32 weeks
May turn eyes inward while inspecting hands or toys 28-32 weeks
Eyes are more mobile and move with little head movement 30-36 weeks
Watches surrounding activities for longer periods of time 30-32 weeks
Visually inspects toys that he/she can hold 38-40 weeks
Creeps after favorite toys when seen 40-44 weeks
Sweeps eyes around the room to see what is happening 44-48 weeks
Visually responds to smiles and voices of others 40-48 weeks
Visual inspection of objects and people becomes more frequent 46-52 weeks
Uses both hands and visually steers hand activity 12-14 mos.
Visually interested in simple pictures 14-16 mos.
Often holds objects very close to eyes to inspect 14-18 mos.
Looks for and identifies pictures in books 16-18 mos.
Occasionally visually inspects things without needing to touch them 20-24 mos.
Smiles or displays facial brightening when he/she views favorite objects or people 20-24 mos.
Likes to watch movement (i.e. wheels, tops, etc.) 24-28 mos.
Watches own hand while scribbling 26-30 mos.
Visually explores and steers own walking and climbing 30-36 mos.
Watches and imitates other children 30-36 mos.
Can now begin to keep coloring on the paper 34-38 mos.
Reads pictures in books 34-38 mos.